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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
We have committed bed

We've known we needed new beds for, oh, a long time now. These beds were a wedding present, after all, and we've been married almost 17 years. So, it's way past time. I can feel the springs sproing, you know?

And about a month ago, more or less, we decided to finally get them. Except I was sick that Sunday, so we didn't go. And then we had a luncheon the following Sunday, so we didn't go, and then we went to Arisia. But we had nothing brewing this Sunday, so, bright and early (4PM) we got out of the house and went to a local Sleepys.

Where we had a delightful saleswoman who is mistress of the soft sell. A year ago, when we tried the same thing, we went to a different store and got a hard sell and left with nothing. Hard sell doesn't work with us.

Soft sell does. So, this Thursday we will get a new pair of twin mattress/box spring sets (the frame is in good shape) and they will wrap the old ones and take them away. I am so looking forward to a bed that doesn't sag.


nothing like a new bed....
sleep well!!

sweet dreams.

Oooh! New mattress makes ALL the difference. My chiropractor doesn't scold me nearly as much now that I'm sleeping on something that's supportive. :-) (although, since I'm a lazy bum sometimes, we really didn't get a new one for 20+ years. *heh*)
*big snugs all 'round, as delivered to you!*

Enjoy the new bed (and good mattresses)!