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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
This is my favorite purchase from Arisia

Presenting the Flower Slug of Joy by Elaine Isaak, Curious Characters. It had a sibling, The Fiery Slug of Death, but it went to a different home.

The Adlai Stevenson paper hat is a relic from his presidential campaign. My mother-in-law was a Stevenson Girl.


That is amazingly cute.


AWWW! I need to get me a slug too, sometime, obviously. ;-) I mean, I have a stuffed space shuttle, and a stuffed lighthouse, so why NOT a slug? ;-D


Liam told us it was cute. He was right.

I just clicked on the link you provided. Ooooh, Deb....THE GESTURES!!!
Thank you!!!!

Side view for the Seamless Flowers, front view for the Smiley Face, aerial view for the wingies and eyestalks. All resting on a Sound Democratic Base, all of which are belong to us.

Azoy zogt der Photographer.