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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Our new beds are arriving.

Do we tip the delivery guys?

*EDIT*: We gave him $20. We're in a second floor walkup, and he had to haul two twin mattresses and two boxsprings up and the same down.

They're so HIGH! I know that will change, but right now - wow. And we didn't even get a special pillow top.


If at all possible, yes. Especially if they're coming up flights of stairs or do anything at all "above and beyond the call". Super-especially if they're removing your old beds! I could only afford to tip my bed deliverers $10 each (there were two of them), but that seemed to be reasonable. Of course they'd probably prefer more, but hey, we ain't none of us rich. :)

We're paying for bed removal, but, yes. Given that it's two beds, I thought $20 for the one guy worked.

I'm inclined to tip if the stuff was heavy, but then I live on the sixth floor and the stairs are narrow and awful, so I always feel bad for others to have to carry stuff up.

We're only one floor up, but it's also navigating our house and bedroom. I tipped.

Yes, especially if they're bringing it to your place and hauling away the old one.

We're paying for the haulage, but he did remove it, so. Yes. Tipped.

Huh. I've never tipped a delivery guy any more than I tip the mailman. It's their job, they do it, they go away.

Delivery guys are often underpaid, like waiters, with the person being served making up the deficit.

Aren't they though? *wry grin* Is why I have a stepstool next to the bed now. It's the only way my bum joints will get me onto the dang thing! ;-) Good tip. I approve, not that you needed my approval. ;-D