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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I just signed up for the purimgifts ficathon!



Just don't be insane and propose a Pesach one. :)

::tries to imagine having fic-deadlines looming during the month between Purim and Pesach::

::quails at the very thought::

you may have given me nightmares with that one.


I just had a brilliant idea.


A time delayed ficathon. No one needs stories more than people just before a major holiday - us before Pesach, others before Christmas.

So. We write stories for them - a story a day from some nice, relaxed Jewish person - for the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We get a story a day from nice relaxed people not celebrating Pesach during the month after Purim. No theme except nothing about holidays.

What do you think?

ooooh...that could be *awesome*. the logistics of it intimidate me, but the idea itself is really, really cool. it reminds me of Jewish workers swapping shifts with their Christian co-workers so the Christians can be off on Christmas and the Jes can be off on Yom Kippur. Neat.

It would be mostly record keeping.

People could write and receive both times, too...hmm

I need another fic exchange like I need... but hey, ficlets! I can do ficlets!

I'm surprised nobody requested Avatar: The Last Airbender yet. (OK, no Jews by definition but you've got your evil "vizier," your women... yeah, I'll shut up now.)