Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


1. Go Giants! I'm not much of a sports fan and less of a football fan (I've picked much of my football knowledge from an ancient LED handheld game and Friday Night Lights, but this is New York, and we watched the end of the game, and I actually screamed at the touchdown. Which, um. I was kinda surprised at. The scream, not the td.

2. Housefilk at batyatoon and sdelmonte's place. I nearly didn't go - Jonathan had a shul meeting in the afternoon (scheduled then to avoid the Superbowl) and we didn't want to pay for three cabs. We'd asked fringefan for a ride the day before, but his car was in the shop. However, it had been repaired, so I went with him, otherdeb, gimmeahand and her son, Liam. Jonathan's meeting broke up soon afterwards, so he got a cab there. Car took the slowest route (not on purpose. This was a car service - no meter.)

I did a lot of knitting and heard some very good songs and caught up with people and then there was a Contata Concom meeting. ladymondegreen is the chair - I'm back in the con suite. We kicked out the nonconcom members with the threat of "you stay, you're drafted." Liam stayed - he's now kid liaison. Okay, he had no choice in staying, but he seemed pleased. We got a lot done and information exchanged, so it was a good meeting all around.

And then, we had dinner. Batya danced around various allergies and came up with a delicious meat pasta sauce with neither tomatoes nor capsicum. And we got home in time to see the end of the Superbowl.

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