Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I've been meaning to write this for a while.

Major, major spoilers for a very good book - Passage by Connie Willis.

I reread books. We all do, I think, because a good book is *gold*, and it would be a waste to not read it again. You might lose the initial impact, but you gain other things, especially if the writer is skillful enough. Connie Willis is skillful enough that I laugh and cry at the same places, even knowing when they'll show up.

But. I've been reading this book slowly, dreading something. I knew that one of the major characters - the major character - was going to die. The first time I read this, I skipped a lot because, well, it dealt with grief and I had my own. Willis had created a very human and real character whom I would have liked to have been my friend. And I saw the world through her eyes, too. And she was just beginning a friendship with someone that showed all the promise of becoming a typical Connie Willis sweet, grownup romance.

And so, I spent the reread dreading this. And wondering why I was doing it, knowing what would happen. But the book was good and it builds the central plot well, as well as parallels all around it, and the death is *necessary*.

And I've never killed a viewpoint character. I'm not sure I can. I am sure Fuzzicat would never forgive me.

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