Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


Is there anyone out there who wouldn't be surprised if House and Wilson actually did kiss already? I mean, they're already acknowledging that Wilson is in love with House, and House was so totally jealouos - and there's just no way to spin it that he wants to sleep with Amber.

I don't buy that Amber changed in three weeks.

And, while I do know people who jumped into being religious (btw - she was NOT a convert) very quickly, six months is too soon to get married - it needs time to solidify.

However - the wedding was beautifully Chasidic, complete with the solid bedecken (the heavy lace cloth over her face) and the separate seating/dancing. I did quibble a bit about her head scarf- I've slept with scarves, and a knot in back is not comfortable. A pre-tied bandanna or a snood would have worked better, if not as soft and pretty.

There's no reason to give up rock music - there's always Piamento, for example. It's the words that are the real problem, not the music itself.

And there are Chasidishe drug addicts...No religion is a cure all, and no group is perfect.

However, her route in was not unusual, and she may have been looking for something her entire life, and this lifestyle clicked with her.

Some people expressed confusion as to why neither she nor her husband insisted on 13 being her only doctor, and there's a simple answer for that - touching/looking for professional reasons is perfectly permitted. It's why I could have a male martial arts instructor. It's also why he didn't want to look at her "bare" but had no problems with Taub doing the same.

BTW, that three date thing? If you make it to three, you're already being compatible. :) That said, I don't know many who have done that.

And then there was the whole Shabbat thing, *WASN'T* Shabbat. To delay surgery was completely wrong, and once her rabbi told her that, that should have been it. Also - Aishet Chayil? Is sung just beforer kiddush, which is *after* candle lighting. Also, we were laughing at his pronunciation. The actor is named Eyal, which is Israeli. So his (and her) consonants were Israeli, but he tried to use Chasidishe vowels, and it just sounded funny. (House and Wilson, btw? Just *fine*. House knows everything, doesn't he? Hey, maybe he took a couple of classes on Judaism to get closer to Wilson? Or to have more ability to get him?)

I also questioned lighting candles in a hospital by somone getting oxygen. Most women light on electric candelabra in hospitals.

I liked very much that they treated them both with respect, once they got it out of their heads that her trip to tshuva was not a mental aberration. But then, I'm a BT myself.
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