Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


When I was growing up, my mom made the same dinner every Friday night. It wasn't quite Shabbat dinner, but it was still recognized as the most important meal of the week.

The basis was oven-fried chicken. Again, always the same - she'd take breast and wing quarters, and take off the wings. Then she'd remove the skin from the breasts and cut them in half, and remove and discard the tips of the wings. I learned to butcher and skin chicken by the time i I was a teen-ager. Then we'd dip the chicken into a mixture of eggs and, yes, milk, plus spices, and then in cornflake crumbs that we'd also flavor. And that would be put in the oven until it was, well, my dad like his meat very well done, so leather is pretty close.

It was also breakfast on Saturday morning - my mother made lots.

I made this tonight. Oh, no milk and there's rosemary in the cornflake crumbs, and I used a whole chicken someone else cut into 8ths, and didn't cut the breasts in half, but I did remove the skin. And I have no intention of cooking it to death, either.

But right now - my house smells like Friday night...

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