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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Torchwood Series 1

I just finished watching the DVDs. And. Wow. Gorgeous characters, fanficlike sex, and stories that just pulled me in. Wonderfully done.

But the stories that got me the most were the smaller ones - the ones with huge implications, but were done in such an intimate way - a young man who spent his life waiting - and died before he found what he was waiting for, three people lost in time.

And two people with only hours to be together, and the weight of so much against them, and still they fell in love.

That last one really got me. I've seen the episode reviews - I came in thoroughy spoiled. I've seen the squee when it first happened and I've seen the Youtubes of that dance and kiss. And so it really shocked me how much I *felt* at that point - it needed the buildup, I think, the slow realization and courtship and then that final kiss goodbye, and wow.

And. Well. First law of televison - if you don't see a body, there *is* no body... I'm sure there is fanfic about that.

Recs? I'll take Jack/Jack, Jack/Ianto and gen.


I don't tend to read Torchwood fic, but I got The Doctor and Mr. Jones recced to me, and I fell promptly in love with it. Some Jack/Ianto, mostly gen. Quite a bit of Timelord stuff, so it probably helps to be a DW fan as well, but I don't think it's strictly necessary.

I've been a DW fan since I first saw a mad-eyed man in a long scarf many years ago.

Thank you!

An enjoyable write-up. :) I have a list of recs here, you might find something you like. They're all season 1-based.

Thank you.

And thank you for the list, too.

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Thank you! The only name on that list I knew was basingstoke, but she's *always* brilliant no matter what.