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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
For anyone in the New York Area

If you've been hearing about a scaffolding collapse - that was on the opposite end of the block where I live.

I was not home at the time of the collapse and did not hear about it for hours afterwards (my synagogue was doing a presentation on the environment and Judaism.) My husband was, at the time, at a cantorial conference in Teaneck, so he, too, is fine.

It is awful, my street is still, afaik, closed off and, on a minor note, while we have power, phone and internet, we do NOT have cable. In that we are more fortunate than others. Given the temperature outside, we are very, very grateful indeed.


Wow, that's a mess. Glad you guys are okay and have heat!

Heat was never a problem - gas heat with a pilot light. But lights are a good thing.

I saw the mess on the TV, and am glad it was down the block from, rather than on top of, you. Sans cable and no injuries seems a very small price to pay for that indeed.

Very much so. It's a mess.

I'm glad you're okay.

Yes. There is much to be grateful for.

Yes, heard about, didn't realise it was so close. At least you are both OK and have heat.


We're lucky - for us, it means we have (oh, horrors!)to finally catch up on Dr. Who.

For others...well. They probably have heat, but lights are not so certain.

I am going to use my time on the train to Boskone to catch up on a Dr. Who episode or some audio editing that I really need to get done already. (Probably both.) I really need to finish the 3rd series I downloaded last spring.


Eeep! We were out yesterday, and being very careful around scaffolding and building sites. I'm glad you're okay.

That particular site is fairly shoddy, but being careful on windy days is always good.

Thank you!

It's always comforting to watch a major newsworthy event happen a block away from home and then be able to say, "So that's what that was." It's happened to me a few times. The Gods were surely watching over you and decided to use other characters in that scene. Mazel tov.

I didn't even have that. I was blocks away wondering if we'd be able to get speakers so we could hear Al Gore.

Jonathan told me when he called later.

I'm glad to hear that you're both OK. I didn't realize this collapse was so near you.