Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Dinner and Idol-squishing

Last night, we had joint birthday celebration - our nephew and my mother-in-law. We met at Café K, which is a dairy restaurant specializing in fish. It's one of a chain, with the original on Ave K in Brooklyn. I was happy - I *love* grilled trout. We gave Mom the lace scarf I knitted, and Oran got Mark Twain and a Hebrew memoir of a religious Israeli soldier. Since Oran is NOT religious, maybe not the best idea.

I also got to play with Zoe, and Jocelyn is glowing in her fifth month. I'm serious - she looks lovely.

And we even met a friend in the subway station on the way home. It was nice.

No real spoilers - I can't remember much of the performances except that a couple of times I liked stuff the judges didn't and vice verse. And Michael John is gorgeous. But if you want to know how much filler - I watched this 2 hour program in 52 minutes, keeping it to actual relevant content, which I defined as performance and judges' reactions. 52 minutes in which twelve young men sung songs written when their parents were born and three adults blathered and sniped at each other. And 68 minutes of commericails, clips and phone numbers. I don't vote, so those are irrelevent.

Yeah, and they'll do it again tomorrow with the girls.
Tags: american idol, birthday

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