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Of meetings and ... meetings

For reasons that escape me at the moment, I'm on the board of my old synagogue - note the adjective. Old. As in the one I don't go to anymore because it's way too far to walk to on Shabbat. Of course, when I joined the board, I had no idea I was going to move out of the neighborhood. Our landlord asked us to leave and that was that .

Actually, "joining" the board I started attending board meetings because my husband was there, so it was sort of assumed, I think, that I was on it, so I was on this year's slate without asking, which is fine because I wanted to be on it anyway. For reasons I can't figure out now. Insanity, perhaps.

Tonight was especially bad. First thing is that my employer is also the synagogue treasurer, so she also attends board meetings. And a coworker I've nicknamed "annoying boy" (which my employer thinks is "sweet", as she has far more caustic nicknames for him) attends the meetings even though he's not a board member. So I had to deal with that. Then there is the Grande dame of the shul, a lovely lady of 96 who is getting more and more hard of hearing, and doesn't quite follow what's going on. Oh, and the secretary.

Now, that's something else. See, she and my husband ran for the position at the last general meeting. She won. That was seven or eight meetings ago. Tonight was the *second* time she's been to meetings since then. Jonathan has been taking the minutes, except for two meetings ago when I did it. I think the logic went that I'm his wife and I'm sort of a secretary. Or something. I took extremely detailed notes and my carpal tunnel hurt for weeks afterwards. She had to ask how to take the minutes tonight. *Sigh* She's a sweet woman, but.

So the night was full of frustration and long argument about raising the rabbi's salary that was eventually tabled.

And we got home at 10:40, and so lit our Chanukah candles late and I had to cook dinner.

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