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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Supernatural "In Jus Bela"

Let's say that the boys had followed Ruby's plan for demon death. So. Every human but Nancy survives, including whatever possessed people were still healthy. Ruby is dead. The boys reconcile with Henrickson, they all leave. What happens?

Lilith drops by anyway and kills everyone at the station. And now the boys have the blood of an innocent woman on their hands and their only demonic ally is dead, and therefore not able to give them the antiLilith wards.

So, in point of fact, following Dean's plan had a better result - they don't have that particular blood guilt *plus* Ruby's still around. Dean's plan worked perfectly.

So why is Ruby upset? Because Dean can think beyond killing someone?


My assumption is that Ruby is upset because her real agenda is not helping the boys, it's making Sam go dark--so she's trying to persuade Sam to listen to her and not Dean.

Personally, I'm wondering why Ruby didn't just go ahead with the ritual the moment the Winchester brothers were out of the room. She's got a consenting victim, after all -- two consenting victims counting herself -- and I really doubt the cops could have stopped her.

I'm assuming that's because it was less about doing the ritual and more about getting Sam and Dean to agree to it.

Yeah, that "logic" of Ruby's bugged me. Lilith probably wouldn't have been caught in the one-mile radius of Ruby's spell (and if Ruby knew that she was, she would have pulled that out as ammunition), so would still have come by, doing the same damage on top of everything else.

But I don't think Ruby's upset because of the body count. I think she's upset because they didn't follow her plan. And it seems more about pushing Sam and Dean to, and past, their limits.

It's actually an interesting parallel to the situation in Mystery Spot: a spell with pretty much the same cost (and definite, if different, rewards), and ... *flail* I think the way the episodes were originally written, MS was supposed to follow JiB, which means it was a slide from Sam just being silent to promptly agreeing, but as the episodes aired ... there's still a slide, and I think the one's still affecting the other (but the causality is the other way around, because it's according to Sam's chronology.)

Ruby has motives that she's not telling anyone. She's very good at lying, and very good at telling people what they want to hear, and she's playing /both/ Sam and Dean, and not for the reasons that she's telling either of them. And this seemed more about getting them started down the slope (if this, in those circumstances, then it's easier to accept other things) than about actually keeping the body count low (if she cared about that, she wouldn't have the spiffy demon-killing knife, since exorcism can sometimes leave an intact host). I'm not even convinced that she would have gone through with the ritual, or that it would have done what she said it would do, because she needs more control than that; if she kills herself, she wont' be around to nudge Sam and Dean in the directions she wants them to go.

(oh, and it's Jus in Bello, btw. :) )

Ruby still hasn't learnt to think like a human again. She is a demon. A demon who's on the boys' side, but still, a demon.

Lugosi with Gravy?

(IM exchange with mamadeb explaining the joke):

thanbo1965: Bela - Lugosi. In Jus - "Roast Beef Au Jus With Gravy"

MamaDeb1963: ah

thanbo1965: I figured you'd get Lugosi rather than, say, Fleck or Bartok, the other two famous Belas that pop into my mind. Or, I guess, Okmyx, as well, the "Piece of the Action" boss who wasn't Mel Sharples.

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