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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

One of the problems of being a foodie who keeps kosher is that one never gets the chance to taste anything made by a celebrity chef who isn't Jeffery Nathan or Levana Kirshenbaum, unless they do some sort of special event.

So. Hung, last season's Top Chef winner? Is going to be cooking at Solo.

A kosher restaurant. In NYC.

And he's doing it in March.

And. Flails.


Do we want to organize an LJ trip to get a meal together? A large group could mean lots of sharing.

You know. That could be a good idea.

LOL! SO, I gather you will be going? How long will he be there?

He'll be there from March 5 to the end of the month.

And we're talking. Oh, how we're talking.

Here's the Solo web page. They open Sunday at 5:00PM - perhaps beat the rush and make a reservation for 5:30?

oooh. :) I take it you are SO going?

josh and i are also definitely going. too bad we spent my bonus on the mikes bistro tasting menu... SO not worth it.......

I'm not surprised. We went there shortly after it opened, the food was salty and not very good. Looking at the menu recently, it's pretty overpriced.

Do you want to join Larry's group, then?

From what Debbie says, the "tasting menus" offered by kosher places aren't, really. A true "tasting menu" should be whatever the chef's fancy is that day, not a fixed set of small dishes.

See here, particularly comments 5 and 27.

So going with a large group and sharing, gets a lot of the benefit of the tasting menu without the added cost.

Edited at 2008-02-27 10:48 pm (UTC)

We're running out of time. Sorry I haven't done any real follow up. Who's interested in making a reservation for this Sunday, March 23rd?