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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Shabbat Progress

Chicken is marinating in spices, oil and vinegar.
Salmon filets have been baked (with a bit of olive oil and some rosemary) and are now cooling.
Cholent is started - sweet potatoes, beef cheeks (Butcher to me, "Beef cheeks are best for cholent; cholent is what they're meant to do."), onions, carrots, beans and barley, with spices and water. Just before Shabbos, I'll add ketchup and garlic kielbasa.

In an hour, I'll put the chicken in the oven, and make the spicy thousand island dressing.

At that point, I'll be effectively finished. I'll make the chef's salad at lunch time.


Mmm. Over here there's chicken soup on the stove, and bread dough rising in the bread bowl. :-)

Shabbat shalom!

Ohh. Two of my favorite things.

I think I'm getting a transatlantic problem here - in the UK the only meaning of "ketchup" is "crappy tomato sauce that blue collar workers put on everything because they don't really want to taste whatever it is" which seems odd in the context of something that otherwise sounds delicious.

That's the meaning of ketchup here, too, but it seems to be the key to a good cholent. (

This surprised me,too - I'd tried to compensate by using tomatoes and vinegar, but having them, plus sugar and salt, cooked together in ketchup seems to work best for this. Maybe it's the sugar, which sort of caramelizes overnight, but there's a also brightness I haven't gotten any other way.

It's also a key ingredient in my salad dressing.

It's a sad thought, that whereas in dietary terms tomatoes are good, the more processed the better.


Fresh tomatoes - tinned tomatoes - passata - tomato puree - tomato ketchup *sob!*

What is passata?

Tomatoes have such a short season when they're worth eating that it just works out better to used the processed ones - normally, I use either crushed or diced canned ones - paste when I'm making a sauce. (I found out that pureé is paste and water, so I get paste.)

ummmm.... inspirational

very inspirational... i'm trying to get the courage to host again (it's been years) so hearing your story helps.