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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
LJ notifications?

Is anyone else not getting them?


I don't think I've gotten one since LJ recovered from being unreachable this morning.

LJ was unreachable? Ahhh.

We spent that part of the morning watching the local news. For what I think are good and sufficient reasons.

Their status page still says that emails are still delayed after the downtime they had earlier.

I've been getting them, but they have been late.

Yeah, earlier this morning I was just posting a reply to someone and it posted. But suddenly all I got was a white page. Was that way for awhile.

I was just about to ask that too. Two days now, LJ has been sending them with great delays or not at all.


I'm getting mine just fine. But an e-mail sent using the LJ address of someone just got bounced back by Comcast - Comcast said 'we've blocked this e-mail server because it looks like it is producing spam'. Are you a Comcast person?

Very, very delayed, is the official word.

I've gotten a few, but not as many as usual, so maybe I'm missing some. (One in particular it's probably just as well, because I was afraid of what the person would say. *deliberately doesn't go looking for it*)

Not getting them either.

I've gotten them, but they may've been delayed. It's hard to tell because I usually don't check my e-mail more than once a day.

I'm getting them, but very delayed for the most part.