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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
The big one we call "Independence"

Did anyone else watch John Adams last night?

We loved it,and are looking forward to the remaining installments.


Unfortunately I missed both installments but luckily they will both be repeated tonight - - I am really looking forward to watching the whole series.

We don't get HBO, unfortunately. Is he obnoxious and disliked?

Surprisingly not.

He is, however, tactless, brilliant, proud of his education and passionate.

Which could well boil down to obnoxious, I suppose.

Also, no one sings even when you expect them to. The second episode was basically 1776, and you knew they were all conscious of it. We kept quoting songs and lines and pronunciations, and being disappointed. But Franklin was wonderful, and Dickerson was brilliant, and, unfortunately, Jefferson was short. But David Morse looked like Washington, and played him as quiet and modest, but with a very strong and instinctive sense of duty. One or two of his lines - a very matter-of-fact statement of "It is my duty, Mr. Adams." - about spending his own money to help Massachusetts - made me cry.

Paul Giametti looks and acts nothing like William Daniels, and he gives an entirely different reading on the same words, but he rings true never the less. We get a sense of a person, which is wonderful.

Some reviewers said it dragged in places, but I didn't notice.

You might think about getting the DVDs when they come out. If you love American History, you will enjoy this.

I am hoping there are indeed DVDs issued, but was hoping someone could help me lay hands on copies of the episodes now just in case. Any takers?

There's always BitTorrent.

No cable tv; but read and loved the book ages ago...

My impression of some of the newspaper reviewers (Houston Chronicle, USA Today) who didn't like Paul Giamatti as Adams, was that their canonical image of John Adams is Mr. Feeney in 1776 (I forgot his name). Giamatti plays dumb guys, or guys who pose as dumb while really being cleverer than everyone thinks. Shave off the bad haircut, though, and he has this nice gentle face. And he does come across as Debbie said.

USA Today was expecting a "bantam rooster". That's Mr. Feeney's portrayal, not Paul Giamatti's.

Taken on its own terms, it's terrific, emotional, strong, etc.

I watched it, and thought it was great. I wasn't sure about Paul Giamatti at first, but I thought he did a really good job, and Laura Linney was great, as was the guy playing Washington. I also have a fondness for the young guy playing Rutledge.