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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Gast. Flabbered.

I just saw Martha Stewart paint a white chocolate bunny with milk chocolate.

Why? Unless you really prefer the taste of white chocolate, which to me just tastes sweet.

Ah. Apparently, it was wood putty. Now that makes sense.


I really do prefer white chocolate, particularly if it's flavoured with vanilla or rosewater or mint, I like the cocoa butter taste. But I wouldn't want milk chocolate or dark chocolate painted all over it.

(I am actually not a big fan of chocolate--I don't dislike it but I don't get the obsessive love either.)

And yes, the socks do fit, I need to take pictures next time I wear them. They are very pretty. I do have to turn the cuffs down at the top (but then given the length of most of my skirts, you wouldn't see the tops if I didn't, and they look nice that way). If I commissioned a pair from you at some later date, I'd probably ask for slightly wider ankles, but they look pretty with my pink shoes.

You can't commission socks from me. :) On the other hand, you might well get more gifts.

I'll remember the wider (and shorter?) legs.

you are too sweet :)

I don't think my legs are short--it's hard to get knee socks to stay up, I usually wear thigh-high socks and cuff them at my knees, since nobody sees anything up there anyway. But my calves are 21" around--I wore "wide calf" boots when I was a size 9 teenager, and as a size 22-24 adult, I've given up on boots that come above the ankle. I've never measured my ankles but I probably should.

Maybe for the same people who like those nasty Peep things?
Just plain white chocolate is too sweet for me. Has to be combines with something - Oreos, peanut butter, something.

I've never had a Peep, so I can't comment on them. (Correction - I have two Peeps, but they're plush and not edible. Either.)

Yes - white chocolate is too sweet for me, too.

Imagine eating hyper-sweet foam rubber, and you've pretty much got a Peep. ;-P

I'm pretty sure they're not kosher. They have gelatin in them. But I had them as a kid, enough to know I disliked them.

I love white chocolate but I HATE Peeps.

It has to be good white chocolate though, and I don't want peanut butter or any darker chocolate in it. Nuts are a yes.

Peeps are disgusting. The only use I have ever had for them is as follows.

Take a syringe. Shoot the peep up with red food colouring.

Leave the peeps lying around. Wait for someone to attempt to eat one, and then it "bleeds".

Juvenile? Yes. But this just goes to show--the last time I had a use for Peeps, I was 14.

Oooo, nasty - kewl!

Yep, white choc. with nuts = good. And I had some with orange the other day was also yum.

Still haven't figured out why we would paint white choc. bunnies though - I often think Martha is aimed very much at folks with too much free time. (Of course I say this from the depths of spring cleaning! )

Snort...knowing Martha Stewart, was it artistically painting the bunny brown and white like real rabbits? Maybe just for contrast of color and the slight flavor difference.

White chocolate is really just a mixture of sugar, cocoa butter, milk solids, lecithin and vanilla and can't be classified as chocolate at all. I don't care for the taste of chocolate, but if I had to eat candy I'd pick white chocolate over the other flavors. I really like sugar and really sweet things. Or, I used to anyway.

Actually, that was a fake chocolate bunny. They, Martha and Nathan Lane, were making fake bunnies to keep. It was made of wood putty.


Now that makes sense.

It was rather neat. Martha had two chocolate bunnies and asked Nathan which was the real one. The larger of the two was the real chocolate bunny but the smaller one looked real.

Then they, or rather Martha tried to go on and Nathan tried to disrupt things ;-D, and make a fake one.

You use the same type of molds (but it can't be used for food after that), let it dry, and then file down the rough edges. Paint it to look like real chocolate, and permanent chocolate bunny!