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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Can this election be over soon, please?

(Please note - I don't want a political argument here. I'm presenting what the election is doing to my marriage.)

I'm tired of arguing with my husband. We pretty much agree on everything politically, but he supports Obama and I am, apparently, the only person on my friendslist who supports Hilary Clinton. (I really do think she'd make a better president, although I wish she had Obama's skill with words.) And this has nothing to do with past or present connections - I made this decision before the New York primary.

Please don't try to convince me to change my views. I'm not exactly going to be holding my nose when I vote for Obama come November, and seriously, the two candidates are NOT so far apart in their views, with Clinton a tad more moderate (like me, as it happens.) However, I'm actually finding some Obama supporters' vehemence off-putting. That might well be the contrary part of my personality, though.

But, oh, my goodness, it's lonely here.

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if it makes you feel better though i doubt it, i do not support either hilary or obama...

Yes, I know.

And I'm getting to understand how you feel. :)

*waves Hillary flag of support* And one of the reasons I rarely discuss current politics in my lj.

This is what is bothering me the most - that people who actually support a different Democrat are currently feeling uncomfortable saying so. That's just wrong.

This is the first time I've said who I support publicly.

I want it to be over too You're not the only person on my flist who supports Hilary--a lot of people I don't know until they happen to mention it specifically. Like, I have a basic idea that they support one or the other because I know how they feel about issues in general, but I wouldn't actually know who they support for most of them. At least one person seems to dislike Obama.:-)

I don't dislike him at all. I even respect him.

I thankfully don't have that problem with the bf but I've been wanting it off my flist for the last two months. Because yes, it's very vehement.

He's a very intelligent man and a brilliant speaker, and very dedicated to his causes. I can see why people want to vote for him.

And maybe it's that he's so netsavvy, while Clinton is not, so it attracts more of the sort of people on my flist. It's just the...yeah. Vehemence.

Which, btw, my husband is *not*.

Hilary supporter here. Mostly because I'm brit and this really isn't any of my business, but grief, I can see a Blair clone in Obama.
Besides, Obama want to raise an army of zombies.

Oh, he doesn't.

His supporters...:)

I support Hillary too. I voted for her in the primary. So you're not alone:). I can definitely understand feeling like you're in the minority on that one, though.:(

Not just the minority. I think I'd remember if someone else has spoken out in support of her. Of course, I'm offline most nights and weekends, so I could well have missed it.

You’re not the only one with this problem. A close friend of mine is a staunch Hillary supporter, and her husband is a staunch Obama supporter. They’re dealing with it by dressing up as Hillary and Obama for Purim.

Oh, that's *very* clever.

I want it over because I'm tired of hearing it and arguing with my husband, too.

We're both in agreement over the fact that we might actually sit this one out, that's how alienated we feel by all the choices, but after that? Katie bar the door!

We're perfectly happy with the choices - either would do the job, we think. We just disagree about who would do it better.

And I haven't sat out a presidential election since I was eligible to vote. Even if I knew my candidate would lose.

FWIW, this is what I think, and I'm not arguing with anybody either:

When the Clintons were in charge, there were problems, but the country worked. The country needs to work again. Let Hillary fix it and then when she's had her two terms, Obama can do whatever he wants, but we need someone who knows how to do what needs to be done.

I very much agree that the country needs someone who will make some very hard decisions - ones that may well be politically damaging to that person.

I hope any of the people running are willing to do that.

You might be the only person on your Flist who supports Hillary, but you're not the only one on my Flist. I personally voted for Obama in the primary, but I'm not a fanatic or anything. I'm not so involved in politics in general and I don't like getting into political arguments.

I might well have missed a few posts. :)

I have been wondering if anyone on my f-list would ever come out in favor of Hillary. (I have one friend on my list who is a Hillarite but never does politics in her blog.) I was sure that given that she's still in the race, someone must be. But I have about a dozen Obamans and till now no Hillarites.

I try to avoid politics, too. Except for poor jonbaker. :)

Jonathan thinks it's a netthing, and I'm beginning to agree.

That and louder voices.

My dad says that one of the reasons that they've stayed married for 45 years is that they don't tell each other who they're voting for, or discuss politics at all. From what I can tell their opinions are not all that divergent, but it's still not open for discussion. Privately, one on one, is ok, but not when they are together.

I figure, they've had to agree on child raising, religion, household budgets, etc. People can't agree ALL the time.

My parents canceled each other out most of their lives together. Didn't seem to hurt their marriage - they made it to 45 years and one month (when my father passed away.)

My stepfather, otoh, is a Democrat through and through.

There are one or two people on my f-list who have come out in favor of Hillary, but the majority also seem to back Obama. Admittedly, I voted for him on Super Tuesday; but come November I'll vote for either without feeling grief or guilt. Either one would be better than who we have now, or the one the other party is sending out as a potential replacement.

I quite agree.

I also think it's wonderful that so many people have someone they want to vote *for* this time around.

I support Clinton and my SO supports Obama. We've reached the compromise that we will not donate money to either until after the nomination, then give to whoever gets it. *g*

That works.

Or you can donate to the party in general because there are others that need to be elected, too.

You Are Not Alone

I've been a Hillary supporter since 2004, when her candidacy was just a market survey. The woman has already walked through fire in the public view, and instead of slinking off to become an ex-First Lady, she went looking for a job in the Senate and got it all on her own. Hillary is the best candidate; unfortunately that does not guarantee her victory in the US. Obama talks a good game, but he's seriously lacking in content.

Re: You Are Not Alone

I've been doing some research, and Obama's more than talk. I think he'll do the job.

But, yes. I think Clinton's experience does tell. Not to mention that she knows what she'll face if she gets the nomination - more fire to walk through - and she's willing to do that.

Which - my goodness. That's courage.

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