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I'm about to open my second box of tissues. Not happy.

I woke up Thursday with a sore throat and a generally clogged feeling. And even Riccolas didn't help. However, we were having company on Saturday and I had things to do. So. So I did my normal Thursday things - studied with a friend (after checking with her that it would be all right, since I might potentially infect her two year old.), and went shopping for that night's dinner (tofu stir fry with mushrooms) and for Shabbat.

The cold was more or less bearable on Friday, which was good because I had to finish shopping - and I took a chance and lost. The stores close at two hours before Shabbat, supposedly, but they were all closing early. My menus changed because I couldn't quite get all I wanted. Luckily, I am resourceful, and seriously, marinated broccoli is quite as good as marinated green beans. Spent the rest of the afternoon cooking. Menus:
Roasted potates

Salmon pasta salad
Turkey hamin
marinated broccoli

A hamin is a Middle Eastern Cholent. A cholent is a stew begun before nightfall and cooked overnight at a low temperature, so that it can be served for Shabbat lunch. Traditional cholents use meat, potates, beans and barley, and are usually something between a stew and a thick soup. My hamins are rice, spices, veggies and meat. They tend to be much drier, and the flavors are a bit more pronounced. I made the salmon salad because it's different than gefilte fish, and I think it's better.

I decided that, given how I was feeling (less good) and the weather, that I would stay home from synagogue that morning. I used the time to get our table set for us and our three guests. Lunch went well, too. They seemed to enjoy the food, and the conversation went well. When the meal ended, well. Normally, we don't have three men present anyway, so the extra lines for the grace after meals don't come up. But this time, we had four men, so they would. And yesterday was a New Moon. And. All of our guests were Kohanim, members of the priestly caste (three unmarried Kohanim in their forties. Given that, as kohanim, they are forbidden to marry converts or divorcees (widows are fine), their marriage prospects are pretty slim. Okay, we suspect at least one of them as not *looking* for a wife, but the two brothers..poor guys.) So, we chose to do the grace over wine. Also, if one has a Kohen for a guest, it is customary to ask him to lead the grace. As I said, we had *three*. Two had led the night before, so the third did it.

It was interesting, though. They took the whole thing as their due, which, of course, it was. But it was still interesting.

They all left for afternoon services and I took a nap. And after Shabbat, my nose started running in earnest. And it's not good today.

I hate colds.

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