Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Okay, fine. I can post. :)

Well. It seems I have five minutes to spare. Or more.

The casserole (an experiment) is in the oven. I'll cut up veggies for a salad and take melon and fruit juices and sodas to where we're eating when it's cooked.

Goodness, I hope it cooks. We've given out the mishloach manot (challah roll, apple, orange, cookies, tiny bottle of schnapps) and gotten gifties in return, ranging from candy to chocolate milk and donuts. (We adore this family but they are odd. Maybe that's why we adore them.) And the people accross the street gave us a delicious frozen potato kugel, as usual.

And when I get back - I make Shabbos lunch. Not dinner. We're going to friends for dinner.

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