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Purim plus Medical


As usual, it was a lot of fun. The megillah reading was at 8PM, which is late, especially for those fasting - you don't break the fast until after the reading. I don't fast. The reading itself was very fast, but clear, so when I blinked and lost my place, I could find it again.

The costumes were great. I didn't really wear one myself, unless you count the wolf t-shirt as a costume, but plenty of others did. I think my favorites was Marina's and Joy's. Marina came dressed as a friend of ours, who wears a sheitl and prefers sweater sets, neither of which is Marina's style, and her husband is very much against wigs. (She bought a cheap $25 one that looked just like Hindi's. :)) It was hysterical.

As for Joy - It's common for young girls to wear bridal outfits (as Queen Esther.) And Joy, in fact, came with lace draped over her dress and hair.

Black lace.

Also white makeup. She came as an undead bride who was out to revenge her death.

Joy will be bat mitzvah this summer. I need to get her to an SF convention.

We had dinner in a local fast-food restaurant - and we just had time. Normally, they're open until 10:45, but Ari, the counter guy, needed to hear a megillah reading, so he closed up at 10PM. Which he made sure everyone knew.

The morning reading was at 7:30 - the gabbai (who pretty much runs things) is an accountant, and this time of year could not take the day off. I dozed off a couple of times.

I went home and made my experimental, but successful Purim Casserole (and had breakfast and blessed, blessed coffee). I'll give the recipe in a different post if people want it.

Meanwhile, jonbaker (who is not an accountant and could and did take the day off) packed our mishloach manot bags (apple, orange, one whole wheat challah roll, hamentashen and cookies, tiny bottle of schnapps) and delivered them to people on our block. He made a couple extra without the schnapps and gave them out, too. He also went to a store and bought extra vegetables we didn't turn out needing.

We were bringing the entire feast to a friend's house (she was in a car accident. She asked us to do it right after Jonathan and I had decided to ask them if we could it, so *perfect*), and were going to take a car service there. However, it was getting late - had to start eating before 1PM - and there were no cars. Instead, we packed it all into a shopping cart and I all but ran the three long blocks to their house. Jonathan took a bus, and arrived after me.

It was a lot of fun - these are people we love, and it's fun seeing the family. (Just as aside - their daughter will also be bat mitzvah this summer. It's amazing how differently kids mature - Chaya Raizel is still more of a little girl than Joy is.) Dessert was very fun - Jonathan bought vanilla tofutti and blueberry sorbet, which worked beautifully together.

We took our minimal leftovers home - we left them the remains of the casserole and salad, but took home soda and a bag of small sweet peppers. We took the bus with the shopping cart, which was probably a mistake. I made Shabbat lunch, since we were going out to dinner, and more coffee.

Dinner was - well, it was at people we go to frequently and they had other frequent guests, so it was family. And Hindi can cook. :)

I spent Shabbat day doing nothing at all. Exhausting, Purim is.

Last week or so, I was nearly out of HRTC, the diuretic I take for blood pressure, and Zetia, which I use for cholesterol. When I called in the prescription, I was told it was expired (after two years.) But my doctor was on vacation and his partners don't know us as well. So they never called the pharmacy back. And what with Purim prep and all, I never had time to call the office. I did make an appointment - for today.

I'd forgotten it was Easter Sunday when I made the appointment, but Jed's Jewish, if not religious, so I shouldn't have been surprised it was open.

And. My weight is up, my blood pressure is slightly high, but that's to be expected after a week or so of no HRTZ and a caffeine pill. And he's taking me off Zetia for a month to see what happens. Aparently, Zetia works too well - it takes care of the LDLs, too. Although I have good levels of those - I love fish. I do need to get strict about the diet again.

In five weeks or so, after Pesach, I'll get bloodwork done and make an appointment at Long Island Community Hospital for a colonoscopy (I have an extra large pollyp that shouldn't be removed in a clinic.)

May those who celebrate today have a joyous day.
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