Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pesach Post I

This is for my own use, but, hey, people are interested in the strangest things.

1. Arranged with cleaning person to come in the Sunday before Pesach.
2. Did initial shopping for non-perishables

3 boxes regular machine matzo
2 boxes whole wheat machine matzo
Matzo meal
Matzo farfel
Extra light olive oil
Low-calorie strawberry jam
large can diced tomatoes
6 single serving tuna fish cans
4 rolls extra heavy duty aluminum foil
1 large box ziploc gallon freezer bags
One roll saran wrap
One roll glad sticky film (the stuffthat makes bags and such?)
ginger, garlic powder, cinnamon, oregano, ground pepper, bay leaves

To buy:
Fridge liners
Oven liners
burner liners
Shelf paper
Plastic packing tape
Sponges - red and blue
Paper plates
Pretty paper plates and bowls for the seders
small plastic bowls
More spices
Cut aluminum foil sheets
Paper towels
Napkins (both nice and everyday)
teas (regular and herbal)
coffee filters

to do:
Plan menus for entire holiday
List of perishables
Clear out cupboards
Tags: pesach 2008

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