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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I was reading (note the tense) Emma and Knightley, which is a work of professional fanfiction sequel to Jane Austen's Emma. And I'd reached the third chapter, ignoring lapses of characterization (Emma being so affected by her father's hypochondrism that she considers a walk to the village to be tiring, when she walked all over Highbury, for example) when I got thoroughly tossed out of the book.

The author had Mr Woodhouse refer to Frank Churchill as Mr Weston's "natural son." I can only assume that the author had no idea what the term means, else she would never have Mr Woodhouse cast any aspersions on a young gentleman's birth. (For those who don't know the book, the young man in question is the child of Mr Weston's first marriage, and was adopted and raised by his late mother's brother and sister-in-law. This is, in fact, a plot element in Emma, and common knowledge among all the characters. Mrs Churchill had a great deal of control over Frank's life.)

It's now impossible for me to read further.



A *good* professional fanfic of Emma is Jane Fairfax by Joan Aiken. It parallels Emma, but shows Jane in London with her foster family, and shows her having problems dealing with the secret engagement to Frank Churchill. All very much in character and well-researched.

You can always trust Joan Aiken!

*splutter of outrage*

Am I to understand this is a pro-published work? Someone got paid to write it? And furthermore, some-other-one got paid to edit it?

Gaaaaah. I could just cry.

I never read an Austen sequel I thought was any good. I'd rather read the fanfic, though I don't usually do that either.

To be honest, the only Joan Aiken one I read I thought wasn't any good either, but it wasn't the one listed above, so maybe that one was.