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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Television Without Pity

TWoP has revamped their site again.

It's visually noisy and less functional. A lot like their owner, Bravo.


Totally. Sux. And they've started "Movies w/o Pity" as well. And their roster is almost entirely reality shows and sitcoms, which is exactly what they used to abhor.

Totally. Sux.

To be fair, there isn't much else to recap at the moment. That should change, though.

And MwoP doesn't bother me much.

But they seem to be more about the special features than the recaps, or the forums. Actually, I go to the forums for the shows they're not recapping more than anything else. But Wing Chun, Sars and Glark are gone, and it's just going to get more corporate. If it weren't so boring at work! I have literally nothing else to do. Want a story?

I agree absolutely. MwoP doesn't bother me. The crap you talked about -- it's not about recaps anymore, is it? I'm only there for "My Motivation is This..." (which has fallen off greatly since Glark left) and to reread some very old recaps. I'll read Jacob's BSG recaps tho, and probably some others when the shows come back.

A story? A story? For me? SURE! Wow, thanks! You know what I like, surprise me!

Here you go:

No One Else.

My first one in that fandom. :)

OMG THANK YOU! I just ran to read it. It's exactly what I needed today. *HUGS*

I am so glad you liked it. Any suggestions as to where else to post it?

torch_wood is the big mama of all TW comms.

I also like torchwoodcoffee which is a Ianto worship -centric comm, and jantolution which is a nice comm for "happy Jack/Ianto" stuff. :)

Welcome to TW! Here, have some coffee. :D

Thank you!

It's...well, it's not the best written show around, but the people are pretty.

Dear dumbasses TWoP redesigners:

You're supposed to ignore "The" when alphabetizing!

"The Amazing Race" should not be in the T section of your list.

You know what's cool? They were told this several times in their feedback forum - by one of their own recappers, too.

One hopes they will listen.

It's an eyesore. Whoever designed it should have their coding licenses taken away.

Indeed. I like clean, readable and easily navigable webpages - pages that don't make your nerves jangle and aren't cluttered with useless things while giving lots of useful ones.

It used to be that way. Once upon a time.

Man, that is UGLY! I don't get why people can't understand that you can make things functional and attractive.

Neither do I. Look at your lovely webpage - pretty just by a good use of color and a lovely banner, and so usable.

And it's actually easier to make it pretty than to make it ugly.

Aw...thank you! Well, I truly believe that any commercial website should be tested for usability by a trained librarian. I had really thought that would be my next career change, but now I'm thinking about something else...might have to do a post about that later!

God, that was awful! Not only harder to navigate but one recap I tried to go to kept sending me back to the homepage.

Yeah, that's been happening a lot today - I'm chalking that to not being fully operational in the new layout yet.

And another thing! LOL!

Have you actually tried to read a recap with the revamped format? I wanted to go and read one of the older BSG recaps to refresh my memory, but instead I hurt my eyes badly. The layout is so busy and the text area is much smaller. It's like they don't *want* you to read the recaps anymore!

I complained about that specifically. I understand the need for ads, but the text area should be readable.

Honestly, I stopped going to that site when they changed over to Javascript coding, because I used my text browser at work and suddenly found I could no longer navigate through recaps. I missed it terribly at first, but now.... not so much. If they're going to make it that hard for me, I'm going to find some other way to pass the time. :/

Wow. When they jump the shark, they jump the shark.

*ahem* Hi. I'm Verity. And, y'know. Frum. Also, socially awkward.

Sister! Welcome from another socially awkward frum person, currently taking a VERY brief break from pesach cleaning.

I've actually been reading your blog on and off for years, now. It's only recently that I've got a significant online presence, though. When I found your LJ, I was delighted. I said, "O hay! Jewish peoples! On the intertubes! In fandoms, even!"

So I figured I'd drop by and say hi, even though I'm up to my ears in fridge grime.