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I feel loved. I got a big welcome when I came in today. I'm still sniffly and slightly hoarse, but I can breathe and I don't need to be attached to a tissue box.

And I'm feeling oddly creative. I've been watching Lois and Clark in the mornings, and it's giving me a different perspective on SV (and, okay, Dean Cain is incredibly hot in that silly costume.)

And what's been going through my head is a *filk* to Harry Chapin's "Taxi".

I have these random lines going through my head:

He said, "I'll get you, Luthor
I said, "My God, you're *Clark*!"

And the chorus:

I was gonna rule an empire;
He was gonna learn to write.
I took off to find the darkness;
He took off to spread his light.

And now I'm acting evil
Inside my House of White
And him, he's flying in his longjohns,
And we only meet to fight.

I have the rest of the song printed out, and I'm going to see what I can do. And maybe I'll even write the story in prose, too.
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