Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pesach III

Bought more matzo and some cheese. Also the paper products for our seders - pretty dinner and salad plates, clear plastic soup bowls and dessert bowls (also useful for salt water, haroset and grated horseradish, as the tiny glass bowls that come with my lovely glass seder plate aren't big enough.)

Have 2 lbs of handmade shmura whole wheat matzo straight from the factory, courtesy of my landlady. It cost exactly as much as it would have from a local supermarket. We use the handmade shmura for the three matzot for our seders and, if any are left, for the final yom tovs. Not terribly fussy.

Still looking for second seder guests. Anyone available for Sunday night?

Kitchen progress - cabinets that need to be emptied are empty and relined. Need to kasher oven, stovetop and stove and cover/line everything else. (Paid for this to be done.) Need to get rid of more chometz, though. Thinking of saving ten pieces of macaroni for the chometz for the search. Also must clean out freezer. Jonathan has the Pesach stuff down, so need to bring those into the kitchen and store the year round fleishig pots and utensils. The pesach stuff shares the fleishig drawers and pot cabinet. Also need to kasher my big soup pot.

Speaking of pots - a terrible thing happened to my mother-in-law. When they went to their basement storage area to get their pesach pots, stored in two bags, they found that one bag was missing. They still can't find it. Here's the thing about Passover pots - they last forever because they're only used one week or two weeks a year. Even flimsy pots last a very long time. And so, they get passed down. The pots my mother-in-law lost? Belonged to *her* mother and grandmother. She grew up with those pots. It's completely heartbreaking.

She has other pots she can kasher and use for the holiday, but it's so late in the day for her to get new ones.

Tonight, then - boiling a pot, burning the oven and the burner grates. Cleaning and kashering the microwave and the hot water pot. Covering the counters with foil, and putting the fridge liners in the fridge. Lining the oven racks. Tossing out stuff the cleaning lady didn't toss out. Emptying the dish drainer (filled with fleishig utensils)into an Amazon box.)

Must buy a new knife - I hate my pesach fleishig knife.

Clean off the side table in the kitchen and cover with cloth.

Much of this can be done all at the same time. If all goes well, I might have a pesadich kitchen before the night is over.

Which means...huh. If that's true, I can pay a shiva call tomorrow night.

In other news - since I have to take next Monday off, I'm working Tues-Thurs. I'm also taking the following Monday off (just to have a day off, I think, and to complete changeover), and working those same days. I'm actually happy about this.
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