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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Pesach IV

Live Blogging

6:45: Oven on full. Big pot of hot water on stove, trying to boil. Microwave is kashered. Freezer is empty and cleaned.
7:30: Sidetable is cleaned and tableclothed. Hot water urn is kashered. All chometz is disposed of. Ten tiny pieces of pasta saved. Oven still on. Pot still cooking. Kitchen very hot.
7:45: scalded stomach by being stupid. Red, a bit of peeling, hurts. No swelling or blisters. Took wet shirt away from skin and applied cooling as soon as possible. Am IDIOT, but not really hurt.
8:10: Oven is kosher. Sink is kosher. Stomach is.. well. Vaselined.


ouch! Hope your tummy feels better!

Red area is much shrunken. It hurts but less and less. So, I'm fine. Husband is worried, and I'm stopping for the moment. However, when he comes home, he can help with putting in the pots and silverware. Tomorrow, I line everything. Technically, can line oven and fridge now....

be careful about putting vaseline on a burn. You should put cool water on it, then cover it loosely with sterile bandages and tape. I once spilled an entire bowl of boiling water on my foot in college and got nasty burns. Wound up needing to use crutches. Anyway, Vaseling and other ointments aren't good to use at first.

It was my husband's suggestion from reading the NYPD burn center.

I seem to have developed a couple of blisters. Going to cover them with gauze. It's much smaller, though, and lighter in color.

okay. as long as you're feeling better. Be careful!

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There are blisters. There weren't blisters but there are now.

I've covered it with nonstick gauze.

OUCH! Be careful of those blisters, and I hope it heals soon.

Calling Doctor *now*.

I wish for you a quick refuah shleima!

Thank you.