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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Burn update

I scalded my stomach yesterday. It's not as pink this morning. I have a couple of small blisters and a raw area where a large blister burst by itself and peeled. I currently have a nonstick gauze pad held on very precariously - I have had a bad experience with adhesives in the past, and the skin is not good here.

I'm seeing a doctor this afternoon. Before I go home and cover everything. Which is actually all I have left to do in regards the kitchen. Time to start planning meals.


glad you're seeing a doctor about it. Burns can become easily infected. Good luck with the rest of your pesach prep!

The rest is easy - the house is in relatively good shape. Tomorrow, the blanket and quilt goes to the laundromat, and the cleaning lady comes on Thursday, and the house will be ready for bedikat chometz.

Isn't amazing how it always works out somehow?

Ouch! I recommend getting rolls of the stretch gauze, and using that to keep the pads on. I have a sensitivity to latex, and that worked well for me when I had all those months of bandaged feet. An ace bandage might work, too, and be reusable.


Please, please, heal up completely and quickly!

Oy. There seems to be a lot of that going around lately. Get well soon!

Random commenter here, I was reading friendsfriends, hope you don't mind....

Your comment about bandage adhesives caught my eye. BandAid brand products literally eat holes in my skin, so I sympathize... and thought you might like to know that I can use Curad Sensitive bandages with no ill effects. Unfortunately they're hard to find, I buy mine over the internet most of the time.

Thank you! That's very useful, given how often I injure myself.

And, welcome!