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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Medical update

Saw the PA - for an injury, I'd rather see a PA, so this is good. 1st and 2nd degree burns and and one humungous blister (PA thought it looked "cool", and I have to agree. I *like* her.)

Pesach is the time for burns - everyone out there kashering things, be VERY careful. And use a flashlight for bedikat chometz, not a candle.

So. She said I did the right things (thank you, aunt_becca). She prescribed me an antiburn ointment which two large pharmacies, one of which has the most esoteric drugs, did not have. So I went to a local one because even though they wouldn't have it, either (and they did last month and didn't reorder), it would be a lot easier for me to pick up tomorrow. That and keeping it covered.

My current solution? roadnotes's idea. I'm using a 4" wide ace bandage. This will be over two gauze pads - one nonstick over the raw spot and one regular over it. I can shower so long as I put ointment on right afterwards. As I will not have the burn ointment in the morning, I'll use antibiotic ointment then. I'll put tape over the hooks to keep them in place.


great! Now back to the Passover fun!!

Ouch, sorry about the burns! Hope they heal up okay.