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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Dinner tonight...

Is Pesadich.


Go Team You! (Team Jew?)

I'm still at the "Saturday?!? I guess I need a shopping list" stage. The enormous advantage of a traditional, carved-in-stone-and-carried-down-the-mountain holiday menu (aieee! I just remembered the fish! thank you for making this post and thus reminding me -- fortunately I'm not the one who makes it, but I had to remind the one who will) is that after 10 years or so I don't have to *think* to make the meal, I just Do It.

I have NO food in my house except for what I'm making for dinner and what we're eating for breakfast. And matzo, which we can't eat until Saturday night. And I need to cook for Shabbos (which is weird this year - I'm buying *challah* tomorrow) and most of both seders ahead of time.

I'm buying mass quantities of food and am so amazingly grateful I live in a Jewish neighborhood so I can buy food during chol hamoed instead of all in advance. Kosher supermarkets are a wonderful thing.

I don't have a carved in stone menu, either. I improvise each year. (This year? Beef stew the first night, roast chicken the second.)

Our dinner tonight was pizza. (This whole Saturday-night seder thing having robbed us of our rightful last-night-before-Pesach pizza....) I envy you your preparation, though; right now my kitchen has a split identity and a whole lot of non-perishable groceries on the floor. Now, to rearrange the pantry!

Yeah, I'm wondering how I'm going to do that tomorrow. I want pizza for lunch tomorrow, but the pizza place will be PACKED.

I just found something that is relevent to you, and I wasn't sure if you were going to see it:


(See the CH4 cut)

Thank you! You're right - it's not likely I would have seen it.

I gave her permission to use my real name.

I thought this also was relevant to you, and you may enjoy seeing it. This lady knitted here Seder Table, complete with kiddush cup and matzah.


That is very cute.

I just finished dealing with my half of the kitchen last night. All I need to do is grab veggies and wine on my way home Friday, and I'm all set. Thankfully I get out early and sundown is late. (Can't do it tonight, as I'm going to After Hours at the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum with Nyani.)

One counter, half the fridge, and half the stove is all set. The sink I just wash things without putting them down at all, and I'm using all plastic for the week. It's not exactly right, but it's as close as I'm gonna be able to come, sharing a kitchen with Paul. I've declared it Good Enough For Me. That said, I'd love a room I can set up as a separate kitchen for Pesach.

You do what you have to do - at least you're doing something. :)

I just wish I could bring home baked mandelbrot to the seders I'm going to, but I don't have time to do so anyway, so I suppose it doesn't matter.