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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Burn update

So. I finally got the burn cream, a generic version of Silvadene. It's soft, white and gloppy, and comes in a pot, and I'm supposed to glop it on, not rub it in, and to use lots - at ;east 1/16" layer.

It feels like I'm putting a bread spread on my stomach. When I got it, and saw it, I kept thinking 'I'm going home to butter my tummy."

Therefore, it is now tummy butter.

Also, the big blister (which I was regarding almost as a pet) burst by itself. So that's gone. And the first degree burns are starting to itch. A lot. So I guess they're healing.


I laughed re: the tummy butter image....And kept seeing you with a big old butter knife, slathering it across your tummy...

And the almost regarding the big blister as a pet? I've been there... It's kinda sad to see them go sometimes, as weird as that sounds...

I've actually read that putting butter on burns can be a problem - it can deepen the burn. I hope it gets better soon in any case.

Oh, I think I misread your post that you were actually using butter. Duh! I shouldn't post at this time of the morning.

Itching is actually a VERY good sign. Hint - if you feel like you HAVE to scratch a spot, try giving it a sharp slap instead. It will stop the itch, and it won't risk injuring the healing tissue the way scratching can.