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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
If spam were Pesadich, this would be that.


Sh. Dinner: Meatloaf, mixed veg, mashed potatoes.

Sh. breakfast: wine, challah rolls, cheese, fruit, coffee (Wine for breakfast. YUM)

Sh. lunch: same as dinner

Third meal: chef's salad.

1st seder:
beef stew
fruit salad

Breakfast: cottage cheese/yogurt/fruit

Lunch: matza dairy plate (cheese, butter, cream cheese, cinnamon sugar, jam)

2nd seder:
roast vegetables
farfel kugel
fruit salad

Lunch: cheese omelets

Monday dinner: leftovers


Are you doing the wash-eat-bench-wait-wash-eat-bench thing in the morning? As we are never so strict about three meals with bread, we are only doing one hamotzi in the morning and then adjourning till 1 pm for lunch.

We're doing pretty much what you're doing. Our rabbi said that so long as seudat shlishit is substantial (meat or fish), you don't need to have bread or bread substitute for it. Actually, we're counting our "lunch" (after one pm) as the third meal, but we're also having a "snack" of chef's salad because dinner is a LONG way off.

We'll have a snack of some kind on Sunday as well. I presume we'll have leftovers.

My non-Jewish husband, after his first Seder with my family, dubbed gefilte fish "fish spam," and so has it always been since then.

Yeah, that's about right. Except I love gf. At least if it's made from frozen loaves, instead of from a jar.