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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

My own reaction? I laughed. A lot. It was funny. It wasn't scary, but as I don't like being scared, that's not a bug - it might be for other people. I was pretty sure that only poor Corbett would die.

And, while they had the requisite straightboy panic, it was still...

Ed was on his way out of the circle to help Corbett - just to *help* him, mind you - before he was told about Corbett's crush. And when he was told, maybe it took him a minute, but once he started, he didn't hesitate. There was something there. And no one thougth that Corbett was anything *but* a hero - Sam and Dean didn't like him being exploited, and that tribute felt real.

On a lighter note - he was the tea boy! And we know all about strong, handsome tea boys, don't we? And while they were riffing on Ghosthunters and, of course, Ghostbusters, they were *also* riffing on Mythbusters (I mean - demolition expert? HEE!).

But what would have made this episode truly great? If it could have been ready to be aired during the Writer's Strike. :)