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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
End of Pesach

Interesting fact - we had no invitations this year. This is unusual, but since I make all my meal plans with that in mind, it wasn't a problem. And we did have something better than invitations - we had *guests*.

Once again, I have to note that I really enjoy the last days of Passover. After a week, you get very used to Pesadich cooking, and there really isn't anything else - no sukkah, no seder, no special food customs just for that holiday. It's NICE.

We had two guests on Friday night - tigerbright and her beautiful baby daughter, Eva. Jonathan fell so much in love with Eva that he wanted to keep her for, oh, a couple of years. This despite the fact that she cried throughout most of the night, poor thing. (Adorable moment - while her mommy was praying, Jonathan gave the baby a tour of the apartment. "This is the closet, but you can call it a 'wah.' This is the office - also a 'wah'. And this is the bedroom, or 'wah wah wah.'" As Jonathan is very large and the baby is very small - oh, so cute.)

I had chicken soup (plain broth with a slice of lemon and a sprig of parsley, plus some farfel to be added at the table), turkey breast, sweet potato wedges and marinated broccoli, and gooey cake for dessert.

We had three guests for lunch on Shabbos. These are friends of ours who just recently found a new apartment after losing theirs to a fire. No one was hurt - they only lost *things*. So. Jay and Sarah and their lovely teen-age daughter Chana. Their son was elsewhere. I served a light meal - salad, a matza strata (egg-soaked sheets of matza layered with browned onions and shredded cheese. Next year, I'll add sliced tomatoes) and melon for dessert. And there was also much nappage afterwards.

As soon as Shabbat was over, I headed to the sink to wash up the dairy dishes, and began to make dinner - sautéd chicken with onions and mushrooms in wine sauce, to be served over farfel. It was just us, and so very nice.

I had to go to shul the next morning because the last day of Pesach is a yizkor day - when those of us who have lost parents remember our departed. I got to touch base and chat with a lot of people, since this was the first time I'd gone to shul all Pesach. No kiddush, so we went home right after services and, you know, chatting. (We have a quiet synagogue - very few people talk during services. It's a major feature.) Lunch? Leftover cabbage soup (from here, with variations for what I had available - example, I couldn't find klp margarine.) That was it.

We both took yesterday off work. We used it to change the kitchen back and to start restocking (cereal! soy milk! NOODLES!) and I started my niece's sweater - so NICE to knit again - and watched a couple of Torchwoods, and to just be together. We were going to go out for dinner that night, but when we were in the supermarket, I realized that the lunch out was enough, plus we'd be eating out tonight anyway. So, instead of going out for steak (which is what I wanted), I bought them to cook, to serve with noodles and margarine and spinach, to eat in our back to normal house.

We also got to sleep late and veg in front of the tv and it was a good and NECESSARY day.


This sounds like a very nice and relaxing Pesach...

I was amused by the fact that my flist includes Jews on at least 3 continents who had pizza for the back-to-chametz dinner. Including us. mmmm, yeast. And I've got bread rising right now.

Things I have learned (again):

-- Never make only a single recipe-worth of matzah balls. There really is no such thing as too many -- especially since I think cold ones are tasty snacks, despite the slime.

-- schmaltz in the matzah balls is totally worth it. (nom nom nom)

-- buy more fresh horseradish

The Great Tam Tam Shortage hit our family pretty hard. We went through 12 pounds of matzah for the week -- for three people!

Yay for low-key days like these!

It was lovely to see you. I felt vaguely guilty about insisting on davening, since that was the one thing I couldn't interrupt when Eva started to melt down. But I'm glad you enjoyed her company anyway.

And I have to remember the lemon slice idea - it was a really nice touch.