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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Meme - gacked from kightp

1. Are you a vegetarian? Vegan?

Neither. I like meat.

2. What's your favorite food?

Pistachio nuts. And pretty much all kinds of soups. I love soup.

3. White bread or whole wheat?

Whole wheat. And rye.

4. What's for breakfast?

Cereal and soy milk - mixture of flake/krisp/chex and all-bran, plus fruit. And black coffee.

5. You're making a Dagwood sandwich. What's in it?

Various kinds of deli meats - salami, pastrami, corned beef, turkey, tongue, roast beef - on rye bread. With cole slaw, mustard and russian dressing.

6. What's on your pizza?

Mushrooms. Olives. Onions.

7. Coffee, tea, milk, or soda?

Black coffee.

8. Dark, milk, or white chocolate?

Dark, please.

9. Teetotal, beer, wine, or hard liquor?

I like rich, dry wines - the ones good with food. I also like single malt Scotch. I don't mind a good bourbon, either. I'm less fond of beers.

10. Does cilantro taste like citrus, or like soap?

Neither. But it does taste good in small quantities.

11. Is chorizo the greatest thing ever or is it totally disgusting?

I've never had it. Is there a kosher version now?

12. Do you use garlic like a vegetable or like a spice?

I love garlic.

13. Onions: raw, cooked, or not at all?

Depends on the onion type and the dish.

14. Does broccoli taste sweet or bitter?

Like cilantro, it tastes like itself. Yummy.

15. How do you feel about fish?

Love it. I cook it often - and I prefer it as plainly cooked as possible.

16. How about sushi?

Love it.

17. Fave ethnic cuisine?

Hmmm. Not easy. My own. :)

18. What's your favorite fruit


19. Cheese - thumbs up or thumbs down? How about blue cheese?

Love cheese. Blue cheese is yummiest with, yes, pears.

20. Finally, favorite dessert?

Not really a dessert person. Fresh fruit is good, or any cooked apple dessert. Ice cream is also good. Or give me a bowl of pistachio nuts.


"11. Is chorizo the greatest thing ever or is it totally disgusting?
I've never had it. Is there a kosher version now?"

I think Neshama may do one.

And I KNOW Neshama does an Andouille sausage and I've actually tasted their Spicy Italian and found it good.

Oh! It's a food company? Hehe. I thought you were being ironical about the singer.

They've got lots of kinds of specialty sausages.

Hey! Cool! *mems*

FYI, their listing of where to get their products is not complete: I know that the Butcherie in Brookline, MA, carries at least some of their products, for instance, and there's no MA places on their list.