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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

There's been some negative things about athletes in the news.

This is entirely positive.

*is crying*

Current Mood: crying

That is *fabulous*!

You can delete this if you'd rather not muddy the spirit of your post but I can't help but notice...

It was a *woman's* team. The coach was a woman. The people doing the heckling were boys. I can't imagine this happening with the people in question being of the opposite gender.

I was thinking the same thing - so no problems here.

Looks like the women are being taught the right lessons.

On the other hand, look at the article. It makes absolutely no notice that is a woman's team. Until we see the name "Sara" (assuming we ignore the photo), there is no clue at all.

And then there is *this* lovely paragraph:

Mallory Holtman is the greatest softball player in Central Washington history. Normally when the conference's all-time home run leader steps up to the plate, Pam Knox and other conference coaches grimace.

No gender qualifiers at all. Just "the greatest" in her school's history.


The coach was a woman.

One team's coach is a woman. The coach of the team who helped the injured player is identified as male in the first sentence of the article: "Gary Frederick thought he had seen everything in 40 years at Central Washington University."

This?! This is what they're trying to teach when they say "good sportsmanship".

Yes. Exactly.

Central Washington must be so proud of their players right now.

*is crying*

Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one! My husband showed me this news story on his computer, and while he was clearly very moved, I was surprised that I started sniffling! I'm glad this happened, and I'm glad it's getting so much positive publicity.

I think you'd have to either be made of stone or have an entirely different view of sportsmanship (ie, win at ANY cost) to NOT cry at this.

Hm. I didn't cry or even get teary-eyed; rather, I beamed and said, "Oh, how cool!" and forwarded the article to everyone I could think of.

You still felt good about it, and thought she did a wonderful thing. There are people out there who thought she was stupid.

Fortunately, they're in the minority.

Wow. As an athlete that makes it all worth it. I am glad that I read that. Thank you for posting that link.

When I read that, I knew it needed to be passed along. And I knew the athletes in my friends list would truly appreciate it.

i'm also teary.

Dang, I cried too.

This will look much better on Holtman's record than a win would have. Of course, no one who considered that the important thing would've been at all likely to realize that -- much less go to the trouble of helping.

Exactly. She did it because it was the *right* thing to do, and she couldn't imagine anyone doing anything else.

Her parents (and those of Liz Wallace, who helped her) must be so immensely proud right now. (As must her coach and her college president and...)

*grin* I posted about this, then saw your post.

Oh, this made my day.