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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Just to say

While the rest of you were watching Supernatural last night (not to worry - I have it recorded), I was watching Grey's Anatomy.

Where two male soldiers kissed.



I KNOW - wasn't that storyline awesome (and heartbreaking...)?

and extra bonus - one of them was santiago from FNL.

It was and it was.

If only Derek and Mark would wise up - it's clear they were meant for each other.

And it would be so, so, SO pretty.

I was tres happy. Also, it was like fanfic on a platter. *FLAPS*

Wasn't it, though?

As soon as Todd walked into the room, I knew they were boyfriends.

I just never expected that kiss.

And absolutely didn't expect that second one.

Nicely done.

Kudos to Shonda & Co. for filming The Kiss, and ABC for showing some stones for once and airing it. And bugger the sponsors, the American Family Association and anyone else who doesn't like it.

But I couldn't believe the Chief didn't just gather all the nurses boycotting Sloan and say, "The next nurse who screws a patient out of getting treatment just because she doesn't want to work with the doctor she was all too willing to screw last week gets fired immediately. You don't get to derelict your duty for a stupid-assed reason like that in MY hospital." I would have in his shoes.

Sloan specializes in cosmetic surgery. Which...yes. Would lose the hospital a fair bit of money if their premier surgeon can't do it. However, the surgeries aren't time-sensitive.

I would hope that in an emergency (severe burns and the like), they wouldn't do that.

However, in a real hospital, that form George was handing out would be a ticket to a law suit.

This isn't the first time this season I've seen that happen. One of the episodes of CBS' Cold Case had such a kiss - two police officers in early 70s Philadelphia. And again, it happened without warning, apology *or* fanfare.

As it should have been. As this was.