Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Mother's Day

We were waffling about going to my mom's for a while - Jonathan is in committee hell and was afraid he'd be too busy, but we decided to go. Which gave him a day away from that.

We took the train in, which is always nice. I knit, and Jonathan slept, and it was a very pleasant 40 minutes. My brother picked us up at the station, and drove us to my mom's apartment.

My mother, btw, is looking very lovely and happy. Marriage to Lenny agrees with her. It's so nice seeing him taking care of her and she him.

Marc gave my mom a wonderful gift - a large planter box filled with flowers, complete with more potting soil and a trowel. It took him time and effort to complete, and was something she truly wanted.

(My gift? I went to a gift shop on the way to the subway and bought her a picture frame - a very pretty picture frame of silver over wood, with embossed with butterflies, which the shop wrapped for me. She'll use it - their house is filled with photographs and they just got a digital camera, so there will be more. And she liked it a lot. But next to Marc's...well, no one was comparing them but me.)

We then went to an early dinner and went back to the house for coffee. It was all very, very nice. Marc insisted on driving us home, which was a mistake. We tried to insist that we be taken to the train station, but he wouldn't hear of it. We sat on the exit ramp to the Goethals Bridge for an hour, and Jonathan had to take a conference call in the car. We also offered Marc a night on our futon, but he refused.

Other than that, though, it was a lovely day.

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