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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Supernatural Finale (spoilers)

That little girl? Was seriously scary. I tend to giggle more than get scared, so that's saying a lot.

Of course, Sam's getting Dean out of hell. We've seen the Sam Show, and it's just not fun. On the other hand, Sam's also scary.

And Dean saw something under Sam's face...

And I am very glad I did NOT watch this last night.


Dean saw the same type of hallucinations the doomed all saw while looking at normal people in Crossroad Blues; I don't think the show meant to imply there's something wrong with Sam. They were just going with continuity to tell the viewer that Dean is literally a day away from hell, since that was the signal to the previous victims we saw.

Oh, absolutely what destina said -- there wasn't anything specific to Sam there, that was just the standard hallucination.

Also I honestly didn't think much of the little girl actress this time around. But the situation was terrifying and the family's reactions sold it.

Also, AUGH.