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House (Sort of Spoilers)

House</i> is a great series. The medicine is on the iffy side, but the actors and the characters are excellent. But my husband? Watches it for the opening sequence - Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital is played by the Princeton student center. (It, too, is excellent.)

However, other than that opening sequence, one has to wonder if the writers know much about Princeton or, rather, if they care about accuracy. After all, it's a fictional hospital even if it's in a very real town in New Jersey.

Let's take that last episode. As a television episode - oh, my goodness - it was terrific. But I had to think of it as happening in Random Town, USA. Why?

The main street in Princeton does not have apartments above the stores. In fact, the only apartment houses in the town itself is on the college campus (sayeth jonbaker, who graduated in 1987 but who was there as recently as a year ago.) There are also no strip joints in the town itself (there are on the highways, I suppose.) As for buses - *hah*. There's a campus shuttle that goes on the main street, but outside of the college, Princeton is mostly residential. Crosstown buses? No, not really. (New Brunswick, which is an actual city, didn't have buses, either, iirc, other than the fleet belonging to Rutgers.)

They seem to think Princeton is a bigger, more urban town than it really is. (They also seem to assume that frats play a role (there are frats, but eating clubs still predominate) and that Princeton does mid year graduations. Nope. Graduation is part of a whole end-of-school-year thing and that's that.)

It's clear to me that House exists in a different universe - obviously, because what's a student center in this universe is a hospital in that one. And now the iffy medicine makes sense, too. After all, why should the medicine match?
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