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Not awake

I had a bad night's sleep last night - some difficulty getting to sleep in the first place and then I woke up at 5AM, and couldn't get back there. Part of that was just being cold, but part was being slightly wired - hormones, of course. I even got out of bed to go online (which is why I have a post at 5:27AM.) By then it was light enough to read, so I read a little bit and tried to sleep and failed and read some more, and then pulled up an extra blanket. I know I slept before then because I had a very complicated dream with rain storms and being late for work and being with people I have, mostly, never seen before (and Jonathan) and not being able to find stockings that didn't have holes. I clearly remember watching with horror as the pair I'd put on developed more holes.

And Jonathan let me sleep until 8:30 because he knew I had a bad night.

So right now, I know I'm going to be dancing between being groggy (as I am now) and wired on coffee. Not boding well.

And I left my nice roast beef sandwich at home, too. jonbaker, want lunch?
Tags: dreams, sleep

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