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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Speaking of misogyny...

There are two teams of chefs. Red team, originally all female and Blue team, originally all male. While both teams have won, the Red team has been doing more than a smidge better - they've been more communicative and better organized. Last week, a member of the men's team joined the women's team, and the blue team lost. Again. So, since the teams were so uneven, Ramsay asked a for a volunteer from the Red team to join the Blue team.

Her name is Jen. She's loud and opinionated and stubborn, and she doesn't hesitate to let her voice be heard. In a word, not ladylike.

This week? The Red team did so badly that Ramsay cut them off in the middle of service and had the Blue team finish. To me, that's evidence that the difference was the person who switched - dramatic evidence.

I'm reading the thread about the show on TWoP. To a person thus far, everyone has said the same thing - that Jen is obnoxious. Which, yes, she is. So is Gordon Ramsay. Not one other person has said what is glaringly obvious to me.

It may not be misogyny - she *is* a woman of color, after all, or it could be both combined. But it sure feels like it to me. Because she's acting like a chef, which is what this particular extended job interview is looking for.


Color me unsurprised, as it were, that all so many people can say about a woman of color who doesn't act like a doormat is that she's obnoxious, not that she's competent. *grrr*

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Yes. I am as shocked at you.

This just shows that a good team is composed of the right mix of personalities, not necessarily genders. The guy who was switched from Blue was being browbeaten and belittled by the men, while Jen felt that the blonde girl from Red was being a bitch and leading Red off track. Too bad I missed last night's show. I'll have to see it online.

Right. When Matty was switched to the Red team and felt appreciated (it helped that he helped win a challenge), he was able to work with his teammates.

Corey got Best of the Worst this week - and Gordon was right about that. He called the other three out, in fact. (Gordon follows his own rules.)

And, you know? Bossy in a kitchen? Is sort of what an executive chef is supposed to be.

see, i watch Jen, and i don't think she is competent. i think Cory is incompetent andthat is why red failed last night. but Jen is obnoxious and steamroller like and i don't think she will do too well on the blue team either...

She cooks well. She's aware of what's going on, and she keeps people on track and cooking. When she runs a station, it runs.

And she seemed to do very well last night.

Doesn't make her a nice person, though.

True she did do well last ngiht. but the previous week she had issues with Ramsey.

thing is... she is not liked by others, and a good chef must be at least respected by their staff.

i am rooting for Matt personally. He is good though needs a backbone a bit. i must say i am glad that Ben got kicked out, he was a bully

They've all had issues with Ramsay.

If I were on that show, I'd hate her, too.

1. She is NOT a pleasant person. I am not saying she is. But she doesn't have to be. Ramsay is NOT a pleasant person, either. All that matters is if she knows food and if she knows how to run a kitchen.

2. It's a competition - for a *job*, not just prizes. On Top Chef, being on the show will open doors for them even if they don't win (like Idol and like other Bravo shows.) If she's doing well while not being nice, of course she'd hated.

My point is, would they be saying these things if she were not a woman (or a woman of color? I think they've been letting Bobby get away with more, but I can't tell.)

THey have been lettign bobby get away with more. but he sort of flies under the radar i think.

i mean louross is obnoxious too, but peopel don't say as much abouthim, so you may have a point.

what i hav ebeen wondering is this. Ramsey is a prick in the kitchen but when he goes out withthe winnign team, or when he says good bye to them as they are leaving and handing in their jackets he seems alsmost nice. it is liek he has MPD or soemthing.

It's not so much mpd as he has to be "Chef" in the kitchen to get the dishes out properly, but he can be just Gordon outside of it.

And I'll bet that if he gets a substandard dish in a restaurant, Chef comes out. (I doubt that happens in a home, though. He gets the difference.)

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That pretty much accords with what I've read in my books written by and about chefs - including Ramsay's own autobiography.

And it makes sense - it's his name on the menu. Even if he doesn't touch the dish himself, if it's bad, he'll get all the blame (and, yes, all the credit otherwise.) Plus every plating of a dish has to be as close to identical as every other plating of the same dish, and done properly (or to order if applicable.) It's his reputation on the line.

Fear works really well there.