Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Speaking of misogyny...

There are two teams of chefs. Red team, originally all female and Blue team, originally all male. While both teams have won, the Red team has been doing more than a smidge better - they've been more communicative and better organized. Last week, a member of the men's team joined the women's team, and the blue team lost. Again. So, since the teams were so uneven, Ramsay asked a for a volunteer from the Red team to join the Blue team.

Her name is Jen. She's loud and opinionated and stubborn, and she doesn't hesitate to let her voice be heard. In a word, not ladylike.

This week? The Red team did so badly that Ramsay cut them off in the middle of service and had the Blue team finish. To me, that's evidence that the difference was the person who switched - dramatic evidence.

I'm reading the thread about the show on TWoP. To a person thus far, everyone has said the same thing - that Jen is obnoxious. Which, yes, she is. So is Gordon Ramsay. Not one other person has said what is glaringly obvious to me.

It may not be misogyny - she *is* a woman of color, after all, or it could be both combined. But it sure feels like it to me. Because she's acting like a chef, which is what this particular extended job interview is looking for.
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