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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Yep. Bored.

Choose a fandom (look in my interests), choose a pairing, and give me three words.


Sports Night. Dan/Casey.

sand. apple. jigsaw.

have fun!

Torchwood: swagger, ebullient, leopard

Here it is.


I made it Jack/Ianto.

If you've read the sharing knife

I'd desperately love Dag/Fawn

Three words: boat, balance, star

Re: If you've read the sharing knife

::waves, as my friends list gets even more intertwined::

Re: If you've read the sharing knife

You know, reading mamadeb's user info, I thought she was someone you'd probably know. It's that nexus of coolness thing again.

Re: If you've read the sharing knife

Awww... ::blushes::

I shudder to think how many years I've known mamadeb. We met at my sister and brother-in-law's engagement party (I'm 99% positive; she's one of those people who it feels has been in my life forever... much like you, ma'am), and they've been married since 1991.

Sorry for hijacking your LJ, mamadeb.

Re: If you've read the sharing knife

Yep. We met in June 1990 in your parents' backyard, a few months before I got engaged myself.

And I like when people start chatting on my LJ. It's fun.

(The nexus here is, I think, ozarque.

Re: If you've read the sharing knife

That's how I'd remembered it, as well.

cbpotts and I were roommates last March at a convention, and boy howdy did we... uh... bond. Yeah. Bond. Sounds much better than "kept each other awake giggling like teenagers." And I had the pleasure of being her editor on a short story (though I believe that was before we were at EPIC together; timelines and I aren't all that close today).

The fact that there's also an SCA-fannish-language-nerd thread connecting us is an added bonus. :-)

Re: If you've read the sharing knife

Oh, dear.

Het. *Canon* het.

Well, if I can do canon slash, I can do canon het.

Note - I've only read the first two books.

Re: If you've read the sharing knife

I'm sorry -- they're such a darling couple, slash maven that I might be, I'm smitten as smitten can be. I've only read the first book, so you're ahead of me:)

Re: If you've read the sharing knife

Okay. Then I need to be careful about spoilers. And remember the last book...

Re: If you've read the sharing knife

Here it is: Chores

Having just read Barrowman's autobiography, I'm gonna go with:

Doctor Who, Ten/Jack: life, dancing, Ianto

I have a slight problem here: I haven't seen that series of DW yet - in my head, Jack hasn't met Ten.

Also haven't read Barrowman's autobiography.

It's a good read; quick read, too.

But I can switch it up:

Jack/Ianto. Life, dancing, fidelity.

Harry Potter fanfic; Neville and your choice; tea, hand; heat.

Harry Potter (also) - Harry and the character of your choice.

DC Comics, Bruce/Kyle: star, glitter, rise.