Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Account crash, go boom

I was logging on to "my side" of the computer (we use XP Professional, which allows us to set up seperate user accounts. These are NOT password protected and we actually have shortcuts to the other's desktop just for convenience. We just like that we can get things arranged to suit ourselves and that we have some privacy. That's important.) when I got a scary error message - the computer couldn't find my account. To be more precise, it lost all my files and settings. Yeah. Not Jonathan's, though.

Fortunately, we have Norton Ghost. Unfortunately, the latest back up we had was in February.

I haven't changed many things since Feb, and any recovery is good. So I have my account back. I'm missing a couple of stories I downloaded, but nothing I've written and not posted. And a lot of old email is gone.

And we did a full back-up.

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