Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Shavuot menus

Every holiday has its challenges in terms of food. For Shavuot, it's not menu items (it doesn't *have* to be dairy, after all) or logistics. It's heat.

My house is more or less air conditioned, but Brooklyn is subject to brownouts on very hot days, and Shavuot will be hot. Very, very hot. Triple digits are a distinct possibility. So the meals will be entirely either cold or quick cooking via stovetop. No oven. Not only will that make things hotter just by use, I would have to leave it on. I do have it on a timer so it will actually be *off* between midnight and 9AM, but that means it will be on at the hottest part of the day.

So. Meals.

1st Night Dinner:
Salad and challah (take these as given for all meals)
Pasta tossed with ricotta cheese, scallions and sundried tomatoes

1st day lunch:
Cheese omelets. Fruit salad.

2nd night dinner:
lamb chops
mashed potatoes (purchased at deli counter)
mixed veggies

2nd day lunch:
Baked salmon (already done)
yogurt dill sauce

May switch 1st and second day lunchs.

This is also to say that I will disappear tonight to reappear, probably, Wednesday morning at work.
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