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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So? Anything interesting happen the past two-three days?

We had a lovely, quiet, peaceful yom tov. We basically spent it, other than when we ate or went to shul, in our bedroom, which was better air-conditioned than the rest of the house.

I got through two very large books.


Well, there was a big bandom blow up over the anon memes and I'm spending $500 on gerbil surgery again but that's about it.

Ah. As I'm not in bandom myself, I bet I'd've missed that anyway.

You love your gerbils very much.

Probably. There's some deep thoughts doing the rounds, but it's pretty much same old, same old.

It's their noses. They're just adorable. And really, it's one of those things where it's just money and it's my responsiblity to take care of them. If I didn't have the money, I'd take a cheaper route but since I do, it makes sense to take the route with the best likely outcome. My mom is totally going to make fun of me again, though.

Lessee...Dennis Kucinich introduced Articles of Impeachment to the House, which are expected to go precisely nowhere.

Algis Budrys died.

The big news, which you might have seen pre-Shavuot, is all about Tom Smith. Injured, had surgery yesterday, is out of touch for the most part but not doing cons until at least the autumn. (Almost said "until the fall", which would have been rather unfortunate, considering that his injury was the result of a fall.)

Which leaves me waiting to see how we replace him, so I can fill the appropriate page and other assorted spots in the Program Book.

Algis Budrys? Oh,my. This has been a bad few weeks for science fiction fans.

I know about Tom Smith. I've made some suggestions for replacement and I've seen some excellent ones. We seem to have an abundance of choices, which is a good thing.

(So this year we have a retro GOH and next time we'll have a Retro TM.)

This has been a bad few weeks for science fiction fans.

Oh, yeah. *Sigh* The best Con next year is going to be the Eternicon.:(

Beats me, I've been entirely consumed by the joys of my new kitties. (-:

You probably missed my post about the weekend.

I'd love your thoughts on this: