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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I bought a pair of Crocs. Since I only buy new shoes when I need them, and both of my pairs of shoes that I actually wear (as opposed to the ones I don't because they hurt or are (more) season-inappropriate) are very new, this means something.

What does it mean? It means I wanted a pair of shoes I could wear without stockings - even knee-highs get annoying in the summer - that I could also use for Tisha B'Av and for house shoes/slippers. I really didn't care that I could hose them down. :)

Turns out to be something really good. They're comfortable, they fit even my wide and flat feet and I can stand in them for a long time. I'm not going to wear them to work unless the thermometer tops 90°F, much less synagogue, but they're fine for walking around the neighborhood. And they're great to cook in. Be very useful for Contata, I think.

Apparently Saturday was Worldwide* Knit in Public Day.** I celebrated it by not touching my knitting until Saturday night, and then only to "tink" (knit backwards, or unknit - undoing knitting stitch-by-stitch instead of just ripping it.) several rows. I'm knitting a shawl out of laceweight alpaca. That's about the only way I could get back to where I needed to go. See, up until that point, I hadn't needed to count stitches and I didn't place stitch markers where they'd be necessary. I finished the tinking Saturday night, and spent some time making stitch markers on Sunday morning. By that, I mean I made little circles of contrasting yarn tied with a square knot. I prefer commercial ones, but this shawl needs a lot, so making them was the way to go. They made a tremendous difference - in about two hours I made up the work that took me two days to unknit.

I also washed and blocked the pieces to my niece's cardigan. Plus, today on the way to work, I picked up the sock in progress. Where I discovered that I'd forgotten how to do the stitch pattern. Fortunately, it's a very strong and easily read one, and once I got started, it came back to me. The other weird bit was the knitting itself. I've spent most of my knitting time on a lace shawl - this means US5 needles (3.75 mm), which are about as big as I tend to go, with very fine gauge yarn. On the other hand, the socks use 2.0mm (US0) needles, and the yarn is relatively heavy for sock weight - just short of sports weight, in fact. So I'm going from largish needles and very fine yarn to fine needles and not-so-fine yarn. It's a a completely different experience.

*Worldwide except for those who don't, you know, knit on Saturday.
**Doesn't everyone who knits knit in public? Like on public transport or sitting in the park with lunch, or in waiting rooms, or coffee shops? It's like proclaiming worldwide drink coffee in public day.


With any luck, I should have a new pair of purple Crocs by the time Contata rolls around. :)

Cool. Mine are navy blue.

Oh, if I asked you to help out/watch the con suite, would you? I can certainly trust you around kashrut.

Hey Deb,

Pending scheduling, sure. I'll drop by and we'll chat.

I'm going to be bringing all of my food this year due to doing Weight Watchers, so I'll just keep any non-Kosher items off the main food tables. I assume from previous years that that'll be good enough?

I'll want to chat about running a consuite anyhow, as I'll be taking over from Victor next year.

It's like proclaiming worldwide drink coffee in public day.

Word. I don't know anyone who knits who hasn't, at least once, knitted in some kind of public area.

I know.

I can't get on mass transit without my sock-in-progress, and I'm always seeing other people needles in hand.

yay crocs! they were quite the fad in Israel, a few years back, and you still see them on lots and lots of feet. I've decided that toddler!crocs are on my list of Very Cute Things Indeed.

and does knitting at school count as knitting in public? my last few years of grad school, I knitted my way through just about every community event, and every class that wasn't text-based and where I didn't have to take a lot of notes. (oh, and then there was all the time I spent knitting on planes...*g*)

Oh, yes. Those are the CUTEST things.

So far as I'm concerned, knitting outside of a house is knitting in public. And, I know for a fact that I learn better when I'm knitting. Of course, that wouldn't work for any course that needed notes.

My daughter *loves* her Crocs and has several pairs (thankfully my husband is the manager of a shoe store!). They seem to be a little roomier than regular shoes, so she doesn't outgrow them in ten minutes. I don't like them for me - I have got to where I can only wear Danskos - but a lot of my coworkers wear them especially in the hot months.

I've about convinced jonbaker to try them out. He needs Tisha B'av shoes anyway, and they're so comfortable and weigh nothing.

My shoe of choice is Easy Spirit.

Crocs are /awesome/. I didn't realize quite how awesome until I got some. (I have bizarre wide feet, and it's really hard finding shoes, especially comfortable shoes, /especially/ summer-suitable shoes, that work.)

It's like proclaiming worldwide drink coffee in public day.

...I very nearly choked on my tea at this. *snicker* (It would have been more appropriate to nearly-choke on coffee, but that's not what I'm drinking.)

Exactly - they're even supportive, which is why I can't wear sandals.



I have Croc-knockoffs from Target. Best $9 I ever spent!

I love my crocs. I have three pairs. The green ones I bought last summer which I now use for gardening and the beach. A black pair I wear for casual and a brown mary-jane style pair for when I want to dress them up a bit.

My kids hate them, but they are the only shoes I've found since my accident that I can actually wear for a reasonable amount of time on my feet without being in pain.