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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
What a fate!

I have a refrigerator filled with several trays and bowls of ganache. Plain, blackberry, Calvados, Sabra (orange-chocolate) and Coffee.

The coffee, especially, is to die for. (I don't like liqueurs, but Starbucks coffee liqueur is delicious.)

Tomorrow, they will become truffles.


i am way jealous :)

Don't be. I can't actually eat them.

Did he at least give you the recipe for using your kitchen? :)

Oh, yes. If I wanted to, I could make them myself. At least, after tonight, when I learn how to dip.

Maybe I will, one day.



*paws pathetically at the computer screen*



Turns out, the recipe isn't hard. It's, as Mike puts it, the physics that's the problem. Chocolate, she is a temperamental beast.

OOOH! Is this coming to Contata?

It most certainly is.