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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Help - I'm trapped in a Time Waster!

TV Tropes


Nope, not clicking. Not not not. I've lost days to that site already. It's eeeeeeeeevil!


I once looked at that site and blinked and it was 3 days later and my teeth were fuzzy and my husband had reported me missing. :(

Here, take my--


Ayup. Every time I go to that page, I end up clicking this link and that and staying on it for hours. *Resists going there now*


Isn't it wonderful/horrible. I particularly adore/detest how things are cross-referenced alphabetically and by category, so you can get lost in several different directions.

Not. Clicking. Maybe later!

I'm currently screening anonymous posters. I'm sorry.

I've managed to confine myself to just creating a few pages.

Yep, that site ate my BRAIN in March...

Mmm, sticky!

Thank you for supplying me with another interesting bookmark to explore in my copious free time, which in some cases really can be copious--but NOT NOW!!!